Robert Reinhart & Clarissa Rodriguez's Scams Need To Be Stopped!

The purpose of this blog is to help expose the fraudulent business practices and outright scams being committed all over Massachusetts and beyond. Robert Reinhart and Clarissa Rodriguez, Harvard MBA have hurt many good people and caused them and their families to suffer. This blog is set up to collect links to any information on their scams (and attempted scams) and share their experiences. The more we pull together to expose them the more able we will be to get the local and national media to expose them as well.

No foul language (as hard as that may be from what I have seen in the comments section of recent articles!), I want to keep this clean, the poin is to get enough information together to get the propper authorities after them or to get their faces on television with "BEWARE of SCAM'S!" written over them.

If you would like me to post your story please email it to me as you would like it posted. I do need you to provide me with your name and email address so I can verify the information if neccessary. Again, I want to expose these two, but do not want lies. The TRUTH should be enough to put an end to their schemes! Please email your stories to - if you lost money, please include that amount so we can begin to tally their "revenue."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Idea Business Builders Victim!

"You are so on target -- I have no qualms admitting that I too hired the "Consulting Services" via contract of Clarissa Rodriguez and Robert Reinhart of (IBB) Idea Business Builders, Newton. They took $25,000 of my money via a contract with a guaranteed return despite gross breach of contract. I've attempted a few times to get my money back. I have an 8 inch binder of contracts, diary of activity, actions, emails and proof depicting misappropriation of company funds. Proof of fraudulence. I will be taking legal action in the near future."


  1. Robert Reinhart has been arrested on 2/28/14. His arraingment was yesterday on 3/10 in Woburn, MA. Anyone who was scammed by them then I suggest you contact Wilmington Police or Chelmsford Police.

  2. Reinhart was indicted by the grand jury in a 16 count indictment. Clarissa was indicted on 13 counts