Robert Reinhart & Clarissa Rodriguez's Scams Need To Be Stopped!

The purpose of this blog is to help expose the fraudulent business practices and outright scams being committed all over Massachusetts and beyond. Robert Reinhart and Clarissa Rodriguez, Harvard MBA have hurt many good people and caused them and their families to suffer. This blog is set up to collect links to any information on their scams (and attempted scams) and share their experiences. The more we pull together to expose them the more able we will be to get the local and national media to expose them as well.

No foul language (as hard as that may be from what I have seen in the comments section of recent articles!), I want to keep this clean, the poin is to get enough information together to get the propper authorities after them or to get their faces on television with "BEWARE of SCAM'S!" written over them.

If you would like me to post your story please email it to me as you would like it posted. I do need you to provide me with your name and email address so I can verify the information if neccessary. Again, I want to expose these two, but do not want lies. The TRUTH should be enough to put an end to their schemes! Please email your stories to - if you lost money, please include that amount so we can begin to tally their "revenue."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stole My Money, and possibly my business idea!

Robert Reinhart and Clarissa Rodriguez, Harvard MBA stole $10,000 from me as well. They put a contract in front of me to help me develop, manufacture and market a produt that I had come up with. After lies and delay's we never had our "kick-off meeting." Bob and Clarissa told me many times they were building my team and looked forward to working with me on my project. Bottom line is that they stole $10k from me and never had any intention of fulfilling the contract they signed with me. They are scam artists that would screw their own children and families, but they are very good at making a joke of our legal system and playing in a grey area that seems to have kept them out of prison to date. I have a ton of information that I would love to talk to a lawyer about, but unfortunately they have destroyed my life financially and I can't afford to go after them legally. I guess my hope is that they will eventually go to prison and that everyone that they have scammed speaks out about them.


  1. Thats really sad that they tried to run a scam around a dead girls parents.

  2. Bob Reinhart & Clarissa Rodriguez Harvard MBA are first class scam artists, there is also a rumor that they may be the ones behind this blog, to try and refute these true statements that they are con-artists.

    Bob Reinhart father of Kelly Reinhart is a first class scam artist. Believe nothing this man says.

  3. There will be another scam story posted tonight that is very detailed. Anyone that has been scammed by these two will see see the similarities between the story and what happened to them. Trust me Bob and Clarissa are not behind this blog.

  4. I can't stand him!! He's total scum. I want to be there when they haul him off to jail. I want to pick his cell mate- someone bigger and fatter than he his who wants to use him as a pin cushion.

  5. They are looking for him...............

  6. Bob seems to be resurfacing around New England as of January 2012.